Become a Client Magnet With Your Own Signature System

I know YOU know what you are capable of as a professional and YOU know how you can get results for your clients, right? But how do your clients know to trust that you can do it? Often your value promise can seem too good to be true to them, or they just can’t make up their mind quickly enough (for you) to go ahead, may compare you to other providers etc…

So how can you stand out from your competitors and make it really easy for your potential clients to say ‘yes’ to your offer?

After all, everything is easy once they are your client, have experienced your magic and know to trust you. But sometimes, asking them to take a leap of faith and trust that you will deliver the goods is just too much for them, they hesitate because the risk of trusting you just seems too great.

It’s human nature, when making a decision about whether we want something we ask ourselves two questions, in this order:

1. What does this do for me?

2. How do I know I will get what I want from it?

The answer to question number 1 is the clearly crafted Value Proposition of your Brand which attracts your ideal clients. The answer to question no 2 is your Signature system.

Your signature system is the step by step process you take clients through in order for them to get their outcome. I know what you’re thinking: “But everyone is different” yes they are and really, not that much different. Even if you don’t have a consciously clearly outlined signature system, you probably operate fairly systematically on an unconscious level.

Here is the truth about human nature: Most of us are drawn to system and order if we have the choice between having it and not having it. That means, if you have a signature system then you will be more attractive to your clients, they will find it easier to trust you and it will be much easier to market your service.

As a service professional you can easily increase the perceived value of your offers through a signature system. In the eyes of your clients and prospects it positions you as the expert and as the basis for all your offers it provides total clarity of focus for you.

Having a Signature System makes it much easier to run your business and leverage your time and expertise. Here are three ways you can leverage your Signature system.

3 Ways to Leverage your Signature System:

1. Create a Free Giveaway for your Website to capture Visitor’s contact details

This works both ways, your visitors learn about you, get great value and you get to pre-qualify them. If they don’t like what you do, they won’t stay and you won’t want them to.

2. Use it as the basis for your workshop/coaching offerings

Your clients already know what to expect, this builds trust. You are seen to know what you’re doing, it’s all clear and out in the open. This makes it so much easier for them to make up their mind.

3. Create a home study course based on it

This is a low cost way of working with you. A ‘do it yourself’ option. It provides great value, shows people what to expect when they work with you in a more comprehensive package and leaves them wanting just that.’