Business Coaches – What Are They For, Why Would I Want One?

Business Coaches are to coach you in various business skill sets.

At the risk of describing the meaning of a word by using the same word in the description they are no different to a sports coach, life coach or stage coach. (One who teaches actors stage craft.)

The best time to bring in a business coach is after you have used the services of a Business Advisor or Consultant.

The reason for this is that you should be at a stage where there are no primary impediments to the business operation growth and success and there is nothing that needs to be addressed immediately.

So if that is the case then you are probably wondering why you would need a business coach.

In general terms a business coach is not there to address specific shortfalls or deficiencies. There purpose is to teach you how to handle or deal with all the things that arise as part of running a business.

There role is much more passive than that of a business advisor or Consultant.

They are frequently on an ‘on call’ retainer basis for those things that pop-up when you least expect them and just want a guide on how best to handle them from someone who has been there and done that.

They are also useful in a mentoring role for floating things past and can be seen as or used as an independent board member.

By engaging a business coach you are also ensuring the business will continue with growth on the path set by your business advisor or business coach. There may also be a benefit in hiring your business advisor, if they undertake such assignments, to continue as a business coach so as to get the continuity from the strategies they instigated.

The thing to remember here is that a business coach usually comes at a far less cost than a business advisor or Business Consultant. This is because their input is far less and is also why some do not undertake both roles.

One of the biggest challenges that a business owner or business manager has is the loneliness of the position. You are always needing someone to bounce things off and your spouse or other family member is not always the best person.

Having a business coach can remove the un-requested burden that you may be placing upon others and also give you far better input from someone with previous experience in the matter.