Business Consulting – Using a Consultant to Facilitate Decision Making in the Workplace

One of the areas the business consultant is used in the corporate environment is to facilitate decision-making. The consultant can help out with brainstorming, facilitating decision-making meetings and in the development of a strategic integration plan.

The decision-making environment in the modern workplace is becoming more complex every day. Strangely, this complexity is symptomatic of an information rich, highly automated society. Information technology and all forms of automation, while aiding the worker, also serve to compass space and time and thus make a more complex worldwide market economy possible. The unavoidable consequence is that more people need to make decision-making systems of work.

In decision making in the workplace, an emerging theoretical framework called Image Theory (IT) as a means of advancing behavioral decision science to address this problem. Like many others in recent years, the classical foundation in decision science, which has led to subjective Expected Utility theory, is cast in a way that renders it impotent for many decision environments like ones typically encountered today. In business consulting, the consultant uses their own personal toolbox of techniques and strategies to implement when working towards decision-making issues. They can face these tools on grounded theory, competency development and possibly strategic interviewing techniques with integral employees in the decision-making process.

Decision making in the workplace attempts to reorient behavioral decision research toward understanding decision strategies and away from understanding only what factors influence the calculation of utilities. It is a commendable effort that shows the why the what and the how for advancing scientific understand taken lightly, due to its limited state of maturity and its willingness to embrace nontraditional scientific methods.

Now more than ever, business consultants are used to facilitate training employees in the development of decision making skills, which are of great importance in the corporate setting. This is the first time in history we have four generations working together. Unfortunately, as more and more young adults grow up hooked to the Internet, their smart phone, video games or other distractions, they are not developing the social skills to the degree needed, to later become successful in the workplace.

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