Is Partial Retirement A Good Solution To Retirement Problems?

Could You Retire Part Time?

Many older workers planned on retiring at a certain age. Unfortunately, due to economic woes or government plan changes, these retirement plans must be put on hold. Many of these older workers realize they cannot really plan a secure and comfortable retirement with the assets they currently have. In response to these common problems, many older folks have decided they just need to keep on working.

There may be another solution though. Some clever older people have figured out how to solve some of their problems with a partial retirement. In fact, the idea of semi-retirement has gotten a lot of attention lately. Of course, these older people are in a variety of different situations. Because of this, there are a variety of different partial retirement solutions.

Many older workers do well by leveraging their past skills and experience. Some may simply negotiate part time work at their old jobs. This helps keep an experienced person around, and it allows the worker to earn some income. In some cases, they may be able to keep their employer benefits.

Others do not have the option to make their old jobs more flexible. They may have to leave their old careers for voluntary, or involuntary, reasons. However, they are still able to rely upon their past work related experience in order to find part-time work. Some CPAs have picked up book keeping or tax preparation jobs from small companies that do not require a full time staff member. Teachers may take after-school jobs as tutors or day time jobs as substitute teachers. Skilled repair people might find plenty of work, around their own neighborhood, as handy men. There are a number of options, and the right one really depends upon what you bring to the table.

There are also a lot of sales jobs that can be done from a home office, on a part time basis, and that do not require prior experience. Some examples are real estate and insurance sales. Any prior sales experience will be helpful, but many people have chosen these types of jobs for mid-life career changes.

There are, of course, people who use this time to chart a totally different course in their lives. These people choose to base their new work upon a hobby or interest. This may be more risky, but some people thrive on the passion of really doing what they love.

Great cooks might start teaching cooking classes, or even writing their own cookbook. Executives may start consulting for other businesses, or even embark upon a writing or public speaking career.

Could You Retire Part Time?

A partial retirement may provide the income you need to step out of the daily grind of your old job. You can explore a lot of different opportunities, but the right choices really depend upon you talents, skills, and passions.