Mary Kay Consultants – How to Stand Out From the Crowd

Mary Kay consultants are sales representatives of the Mary Kay Inc. Mary Kay is a well known brand of beauty products such as cosmetics and skin care products. The headquarters is located in Texas, United States. The company was formed in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash. Her son Richard Rogers now sits as chairman and CEO of the company.

The company became public over the counter market in 1968. It went to the New York Stock exchange in 1976 but by 1985 the company was again made private when Mary Ash bought back the company through a leveraged buyout. As a private company Mary Kay is not obligated to make public its revenue or financial information to the public.

Mary Kay consultants are presently in a large number of countries around the world. Recent criticisms in the US market have fueled a vigorous expansion into foreign markets. In the United States Mary Kay have over 200 beauty products while their number of products in other countries differ depending on local laws and market influences.

Mary Kay runs its business as a form of network marketing although a lot of people are now arguing that it is more of a pyramid. Despite popular belief Mary Kay consultants are NOT required to buy a bunch of products to join the program. The only requirement is to purchase the what is called the beauty case upon enrollment. For $100 plus tax and shipping the enrollee receives over $350 in full size product which is enough to introduce the product to at least 30 people.

Mary Kay consultants make money from two main sources. They make money from retail selling of the Mary Kay products which are sold to them in wholesale prices. They also make money from recruiting others. Many claim that the later method accounts for a large chunk of the revenue made by Mary Kay consultants which accounts for the vigorous pressure they place to recruit new marketing consultants. When a Mary Kay consultant successfully recruits a new marketer, the new consultant would have to purchase products to begin. The consultants on top gets a commission on the worth of products purchased.

A lot of women find Mary Kay products to be very helpful and a number of others do well as Mary Kay marketing consultants. Your ability to succeed just like with other network marketing companies lies in your ability to identify and attract leads and prospects who are interested in what you have to offer.

The truth of the matter is that over 95{5db71d874b98728b0b45e030f0931b53aac79686736ebc746cee235fd3432df9} of the individuals that join Mary Kay or any other network marketing company don’t make over $200 a month. If you are a serious Mark Kay consultant then you will want to learn how the top earners truly make their money in this industry. Here is a hint, they don’t pitch their Mary Kay opportunity upfront.

Most top earners have a duplicable, self branding, customizable, attraction marketing system that does all the selling, telling, and showing for them. They use a system that helps you brand yourself and attract prospects that are already looking for what you have to offer. If you are tired of being a struggling Mary Kay consultant go here to get instant access to free training that will be a complete paradigm shift. Gone are the days of rejection and cold calling. Welcome to a new way of living.