Moving From Doubt to Self – Esteem As an Entrepreneur

Are you an Entrepreneur who is starting up a new business?

Do you struggle with a persistent sense of self-doubt that you can’t or won’t succeed?

You know you have the knowledge; you know you have the experience; you know you have the ability; yet, on some level you still question your skills and worry about your potential to succeed in a loud and busy entrepreneurial world.

Although these doubts can be confused with low self-esteem, they’re very different in how they factor in to results.

Self-doubt is a normal feeling and tends to creep in when you’re faced with something new or different. Even those who have been in the business long enough to have gathered a reputation of success can have doubts about their abilities to bring their businesses to the next level of success.

Self-esteem comes from knowing and owning your capabilities. It comes from relentlessly using your positive self-talk to brand yourself as a person you can believe in to achieve the outcome you want.

The world of entrepreneurship is all about promotion. It does not matter just how good you are, and whether you are good at what you do, if you are a well-kept secret.

Marketing yourself and your services takes surety and confidence and that is all related to your self-talk.

In the world of entrepreneurship, you have to be ready and willing to put the time and effort behind your ideas. You have to be willing to put yourself out into the world and promote yourself, promote your product, and promote your services.

Yet self-doubt can crush all of that if you focus on your past failures, and compare yourself to other people doing the same thing and give in to those fears. This is when Imposter Syndrome feelings can kick in and take over.

One way to fight self-doubt and let your self-esteem take over is to act. That’s the only way you’ll ever gain the experience you need to reach the goals you’ve set for yourself. You’ll gain confidence as you progress through the smaller goals to reach the larger ones and this will boost your self-esteem and push the self-doubt into the background.

Relying on your self-esteem to push aside your self-doubt when it threatens to paralyze you and ruin your plans for the future is as simple as calling in on past success and accomplishments, along with your mental acumen to get things done. After all, you’ve succeeded with many things in the past and can do it again.

That is why keeping track of success is vital and necessary to propelling achievement. Even calling on successes that you have had in other areas of your life can be helpful, as it reminds you of the mindset habits and steps that you had to have in place in order to get the results you achieved.

If you are able to transfer this process to what you need to do now you have a blueprint at your fingertips that can guide you in your next steps towards success.

Commit to learning, get out of your head and invest in some coaching or mentoring.

Silencing the self-doubt, you may feel when starting a new business venture can be put to rest by taking continuous, focused action; using past success as a validating guideline and blueprint; and investing in continuous learning and support. These simple actions can send you on the way to getting the results you want.

And guess what else it will do?

It will add to and boost your self-esteem.