Top Keynote Speakers and Event Speakers

There are many people who have the skills and understanding necessary to be effective when it comes to public speaking. However, not all speakers have what it takes to command an audience, making them effective keynote speakers. When choosing the right keynote speaker for your engagement, it is necessary to choose a speaker that can command your audience properly and can maintain their attention long enough to get their message out. Five of the most effective keynote speakers are Keith Harrell, Vince Poscente, Joseph Michelli, Ram Charan and Michael Treacy.

Keith Harrell — Keith Harrell is a former marketing executive for the IBM Corporation, and has more than thirteen years of corporate experience as one of IBM’s top training instructors. Keith Harrell travels all across the world in other to impact the lives of his clients on both a professional and personal level. Keith Harrell works as an author, a consultant, a trainer and a speaker, and is highly recognized for the enlightening and innovative presentations that he makes in order to share his ideas with other business owners.

Vince Poscente — Vince Poscente has the mind set which is necessary in order to meet the demands of corporate culture, including the perfect balance of a passion for excellence, a dedication to the journey and a balance of mental toughness. Vince Poscente had what it took to turn himself into a Olympic skier from a recreational one in the span of only four years. Willing to try absolutely anything and everything once, he took part in his first Hi-Tek adventure race in July of 1998, then went on to the competition at Castaic Lake in October of that year. Against 259 teams, Vince’s team emerged in 45th place.

Joseph Michelli — Joseph Michelli is a speaker who is sought-after on an international level. He is also an organizational psychologist, and a business consultant. Joseph Michelli is known for urging people and businesses alike to achieve the extraordinary. Joseph Michelli is known for writing best-selling books about business principles, and he also hosts a radio program in Colorado. Joseph Michelli works to share his knowledge of business practices by delivering keynote presentations which work to develop productivity in the workplace.

Ram Charan — Ram Charan co-authored a title called “Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done”, and is an active advisor to CEOs who belong to fortune 100 companies, as well as emerging firms funded by venture capital. Ram Charan strives to convert visions into action and reality using his business techniques and ideas. Visit Ram’s new book “Know-How The 8 skills that separate people who perform from those who don’t.”

Michael Treacy — Michael Treacy is an expert on corporate strategies and the transformation of businesses who is widely known and recognized for giving companies what they need to help them achieve leadership in the market. Michael Treacy has been working to help improve businesses for more than 25 years and continues to be a strong presence in the business marketing industry. Michael Treacy takes on the greatest strategic challenges in order to transform businesses all over the world, and has plenty to say about business practices and what it really takes to get a business off the ground.

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