Travel Guard Backpacker Travel Insurance: A No Ordinary Kind of Insurance

Anyone who is planning for a trip in a foreign land and wants to do some backpacking adventures should consider the risk involved such as stolen luggage, calamities and adversities in the destination countries, accidents and hospitalization, travel cancellation, and legal problems overseas. The years of savings for the most awaited trip can just vaporize in seconds. Travel Guard Backpacker Travel Insurance offers an array of products that is designed to every adventure a backpacker is planning. It provides numerous travel options; whether it is a short-term or long term vacation, it has products that are suitable to every need of an adventurer. It has provided millions of coverage’s for adventurous backpackers worldwide for more than two decades.

Travel Guard Backpacker Travel Insurance offers a full travel insurance coverage. It includes hospitalization and medical coverage, cancellation of trip related to work that includes loss of jobs (involuntary), loss and stolen luggage and personal valuable items, accident insurance, and so much more; it gives twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week worldwide assistance to its clientele. One of the great features of this insurance is that, not only a backpacker is covered for trip cancellation but can also be covered on a unique provision if still a student. Such condition is called repatriation. It is when a student is backpacking on a holiday before the final grades come out and need to return for an exam retake; the insurance can cover the cost of the return flight. In addition, if a traveler gets arrested in a foreign land, an assigned agent will work out the legal matters and return the backpacker home safe.

Travel Guard Backpacker Travel Insurance is not your usual kind of travel insurer, and our insurance is not just an add-on to your booking rates. It is an insurance that travels with you that provide world class service and committed in delivering superior services. It gives protection that suits your travel need without wasting your money. This insurance always comes to your rescue when bad things happen or something went wrong during your backpacking adventure.