Understanding Yahoo! Answers Levels

Yahoo Answers is an excellent tool for a person or company that wants to use the online resource to benefit their business, boost their website or draw traffic to the site. Yahoo Answers is very beneficial when in the hands of a person or group that knows how to use it to their full advantage. First they need to establish an account. You start as a level 1 user and are required to answer 20 questions before you can go further to reach the next level.

It is not hard to understand why anyone would want to evolve, or even constantly evolve to reach a high level user on Yahoo Answers. Once you become a member of this growing community you will want to get points so that you can get to higher levels. This is one way to become more active on this site. You will begin to appreciate more benefits when your profile shows you as a level 5 compared to a level 1 user. The higher your level the more questions you get to answer as well as place more votes each day. There are fewer restrictions when you have moved to higher levels. If you are involved in an online marketing business, higher levels are good for business. This helps you to use Yahoo Answers to drive more traffic to your sites. To move from level 1 to level 2 you need 250 points. When you reach the second level, you will be able to ask 10 questions, answer 40 and also vote 40 times a day. It is at level 2 that you are allowed to rate answers.

It is also at level 2 that you are allowed to post hyperlinks. When using Yahoo Answers as a marketing tool this is something you really want to be able to do. The idea behind using Yahoo Answers as a tool for your online marketing strategy is to be able to post links in your answers. These links will attract viewers and drive a lot more traffic to your sites. It is important to do what it takes to reach higher levels.